Royal Bank Of Canada

From directors Fx and Mat.

For a moment I forgot this was a 1:00 length commercial and not a Disney short cartoon.

And fuck Bank Of America, I haven’t gotten to go to the safaris of Africa.


J.O. Cool – I Love You Freestyle

J.O. delivers with this week’s freestyle, over Faith Evan’s I Love You. Keep looking out for the Truman Show project guys!

Link: J.O. Cool – I Love You Freestyle

J.O. Cool – Complex Syndrome

Stay out of school folks; talk about a distraction, hah! Mr. J.O. follows up this Sunday with his 5th Freestyle, this time over the classic Root’s cut with the lovely Erykah Badu-me-please-you-fucking-Goddess, You Got Me.

Link: J.O. Cool – Complex Syndrome

J.O. – Frustration

Sunday, already? Shit, Quest looking a little thin, might be time to start looking into a few guest & co-writers… but either or, Sunday does mean another freestyle from Truman Show rapper J.O. Treading into J. Cole‘s Grown Simba on this 4th week, you should be getting familiar by now.

Link: J.O. – Frustration

J.O. – Lemme Talk

It’s Sunday! And as promised, rapper J.O. keeps trend and releases his third Sunday freestyle. Keep looking out for information on the Truman Show Mixtape and expect a quite possible September release, but you didn’t hear that from me, so shhhh…

Link: J.O. – Lemme Talk

Back-Tracking: A-Y – Tide of Cool (Mixtape)

Recall A-Y? During our downtime the good man released a banger of a mixtape! Since we couldn’t show proper appreciation upon its initial release, here’s to getting it back circulating again. Another recommended listen from QUEST, have we ever steered you wrong?

Link: A-Y – Tide of Cool (Mixtape)

KeithCharles – Neo-Nigga

Like I for-mentioned, Quest absolutely loves sharing new artist with whomever frequents the site. We highly recommend this new artist, rapper slash producer, KeithCharles. Soon to be releasing his first EP, FREEEP, and an yet to be titled beat-tape. Fuck with it! We do.

Link: KeithCharles – Neo-Nigga